Dinner time has taken an almighty twist… yup, its dinner on the floor now… The modern style so we like to call it. Haha. Neo has become a hater of the high chair now, so we decided it’s time we stopped using it, the tantrums, squeals and lack of food eaten just really aren’t worth it!!! 

Just lately we’ve been staying in a lot, the weather is nasty here, pure winter weather, cold, windy and raining.. and as Neo enjoys eating the rain cover, shall I say, licking the rain off, we stay in on these days as much as possible. 

His walking has improved loads, last night we took the rubbish out together. He loved it and kept stopping to look at the women as they walked past us. On the way back up in the lift some lady was blowing him kisses, he really does make friends easily 🙂 

I don’t really have much to write today, except the tantrums are increasing in frequency and the mischievousness is doing the same… boys will be boys though haha 


Hand Full

Well.. Neo is a few days off of the 11 month mark and it really is beginning to show how he is turning from a baby into a little boy.. he causes mischief wherever he goes.


So a couple of days ago, there we were, just chilling together in the kitchen, Neo has a nice bottle of milk and dis drinking it like a little angel. Thinking I had a couple of minutes spare o check a few emails while he was occupied, I did exactly that… checking… signing in… loading page… waiting… Neo is still quiet… look at the news…. open up email page… 2 emails… have a quick look…. turn around to look at Neo… Oh MY!!!!!!! What is he up to??? There he is, bottle of milk turned upside down and he is bashing it on the floor so it squirts out everywhere and then… he’s not just leaving it, he wipes it across the floor with his hands and attempts to swim in it… what a mess!

        I take the bottle away from him “No Neo, thats not what we use a bottle for” He kicks up, screaming and banging his hands on the floor and thrashing his legs… and I thought the tantrums didn’t start until they’re 2! After 5 minutes he forgets about the bottle and continues to play.


By play, what I really mean is make a mess haha, first off he’s over to the cupboards, opening them and slamming them shut, while smiling at me, now, we did buy child locks, but my baby genius just peeled them all straight off, anything with him has to be screwed down!!! I take his hand off the cupboard handle and take him over to the “sleep corner” where all his teddies and blankets are and plonk him in the middle, he laughs, gets right back up and runs over to the cupboards… he’s back at it, cheeky smile, slamming the cupboards open and shut.. I repeat the same method of removing him and placing him with his bears, nothing seems to stop him, to him its a game and with each removal he laughs harder and harder! Kids!





I think that getting ready to head out will deter him from the cupboards so I walk to the bedroom telling him to “come” He follows me excitedly, running behind me, I grab a nappy out of the cupboard on my way, to which point he stops, looks at me, smiles that cheeky smile, and runs in the other direction with me chasing behind him.. he’s quick, but not quick enough. I scoop him up, hook him under my arm, and through to the bedroom we go. I shut the door. We have an inbuilt wardrobe here and atm Neo’s clothes are in piles at the bottom of it as we now need to get him some drawers. So I open one side and he comes over, he wants to help, by that I mean empty the load of clothes in there onto the floor of the bedroom… after much fight, squeals and stressy moments I manage to grab a set of clothes out for him and keep the wardrobe in tact.

I get him dressed then Get the pram out, he gets excited and starts ramming it into the walls of the flat, while he’s occupied I get dressed quickly. Then I hear him crying, he’s stood at the door, getting frustrated coz he wants to leave already. He’s become really good at walking to the lift and then to the front door. So as we head out he’s still walking, and I  tell him to wait for mummy, not today, he scoots around the pram and is running down the corridor, I don’t even have time to lock the door before I have to chase him, he’s pushing the heavy door open that leads to the stairs, so I run, grab him, and put him in the pram. He isn’t a fan of this and puts up a fight.


That day pretty much continued like that, Neo pretty much ran rings around me, causing havoc and destruction every where! The process from baby to toddler really is fun!


Every day since then has pretty much been the same, and he’s learning to throw properly so we get the occasional brick in the face :). Boys!.


On Thursday we had a very good friend visit, Amy, She was amazed at the size of Neo and tbh, i’m beginning to get amazed at the size of him, he’s getting massive!! At first Neo isnt too bothered by her presence, so we go to the shops then head to the park, where I let Neo out of the pram. He runs in every direction but the one for home, so I run after him, scoop him up and place him next to the pram a few times until we come to the swings. What a joke, Some little Brat has only burnt it so now it’s no longer useable, seriously, some kids need to get there heads sorting, out of the whole park thats the only thing Neo can use coz he’s still so small.


At home, Neo was quite well behaved and ended up giving his Aunty Amy cuddles and jumping on her to grab her necklace, it was a lovely day 🙂


But as for now, I have to head off and chase this boy some more as he is currently raiding the fridge….


So the reason I Haven’t updated in a while is because we have moved into a much bigger flat, this one has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a lot more cleaning to do haha! The move with a baby was eventful, every time i was packing stuff into bags Neo would come across and put anything he could find into the bags… helpful but unorganised 🙂 however, it didn’t stop there, it also meant that when he got bored he would go and undo anything he could find, empty boxes, knock over computers, ha, he was such a handful, but never the less, we are glad to be moved :).


Neo has grown up loads in the past month or so, he’s learnt to clap and is walking extremely well, he even walked into town the other day, though it took us nearly an hour due to everything being fascinating  including drains, he stops, points downwards and starts to try and touch it, with me pulling him away going “No, dirty, urgh” and him squirming in a desperate bid to feel this new object… so innocent.


We recently took a trip home, where Neo got to play with his cousins, he loved this and was surprisingly very well behaved, minus the odd smack to his relative here and there and the odd poke in an eye. I let him play in a paddling pool in the park and he loved it, splashing and running and falling over, we ended up coming back with loads of toys, absolutely loads! Thanks to various friends and family, :D.


Since moving into our new flat I have managed to give Neo his first proper bath, which, he loves, he got so excited and was splashing around and squealing it was so cute! Now every night when he’s ready for bed he starts trying to drag me into the bathroom so he can get a soak. I love giving him a bath as well, it’s so relaxing and such an enjoyable experience, especially as I watch him learn about buoyancy and how the water can affect his balance 😀


He’s teething again at the moment so the little blighter got up at 2.30 this morning, yup thats right folks, 2.30am… I’d got into bed about 10pm and had seen to him 3 times in that time, had about an hours shut eye! When he got up he was a bit moany, so I fetched him a bottle of warm milk to suck on in the hope he would drift off back to sleep, no chance! He was wide awake, running around the living room and squealing, boy was it cold at that hour, I put a movie on and curled up, leaving him to do his thing…. when 6.30 rolled around he was ready for some sleep, in the hope that he would crash for about 4 hours or so I eagerly put him down for a nap and hopped into bed myself! Nope! by 8 he was up, shouting at me, ready to play once more!


Once I found the motivation to move from watching movies we went to tesco’s where I brought Neo some cooked ham for his lunch. He spotted it though and was demanding it while in his pushchair, I didn’t mind so much as yesterday he barely ate anything because of his teeth hurting him, so I opened up the meat and tore off a chunk and handed it to him, he ate loads of it on the way home and then promptly fell asleep on his cuddly dog 🙂 He only slept for half an hour though! Wow! I was exhausted.


The day pretty much went on like that, he had one more nap about 3pm which was another half an hour and now at 9.30pm I am tired, very very tired indeed. But having Neo is amazing and I really wouldn’t change him for the world. When he was being called earlier he said “yeaaa” Now for a 10 month old that is pretty good 🙂 it was so cute too, to hear him respond like that, totally shocked me.


Here he is >>>>

He has a fascination with trees and plants and has to run and point to every one 🙂

Play Date

Over the past few days, Neo has learnt how to point at things, so everything from pigeons to bricks get pointed at and I end up explaining the world to him, which I love to do any way. 


We have a friend with a baby 6 weeks older than Neo and as she’s been away visiting friends for the past month we haven’t had many play dates, but today we met up with them and had so much fun! 


The day started at 3.30 am, yup, thats right, 3.30 in the morning. Neo woke up ready to play, but having gone to bed late I refused to let him and spent the next hour rocking and trying to re-settle him, when he finally went back to sleep he slept through until 7.30. Which isn’t too bad, except I had a load of flat hunting to do and we had to leave by 11.30. Now, with a baby, getting ready can take up to two hours, when you count maybe changing him twice before actually getting to leave, due to such things as puking and wearing foods, an Neo’s latest trick – to squeeze the teat on his bottle and cover himself in water… kids! After weetabix for breakfast, getting dressed and a fight with the sudocrem (Neo has a fascination with popping the lid off) we managed to head out of the door at 11.40 ish! Not too bad considering! 


We get to the park at 10 past 12, 10 minutes late, but luckily for us, our play date still hadn’t arrived, I mean, who really gets anywhere on time with babies in tow? Certainly not me. While we waited I gave Neo his lunch while he gawped at the pigeons that were hanging round us, there he was pointing and bouncing at the excitement of these birds. He’s learnt that they are called pigeons now and looks for them if I say “look, theres a pigeon” which, for nearly 10 months, I think is quite smart. The food managed to get everywhere, as usual, crumbs that seem to attach to his jumper in a “i’m not budging” kinda way, how does that happen? You can watch every single crumb and not see one fall, look back again, and he’s covered! Nice! I dust him down as best as I can against his frantic pleas and squeals to get me off. 


Our friend joined us at 12.30 and we headed for the swings, while she put her baby in I took Neo to the tarmac stuff thats soft for him to do a bit of walking, he decides that he doesn’t want to walk on the tarmac, but instead keeps heading for the concrete, I lift and turn him and carry him away from the harder surface numerous times, but nothing can deter him once an idea has set in. After about 5 minutes of this I swoop him up and we take our turn on the swings, he loves it as usual, but takes to letting go and pointing at me, haha, dare devil! 


While the kids are in that play thing children can climb and we’re watching them, we hear a smack sound, I’m gobsmacked to see the other baby with a shocked look on his face, and Neo, my sweet natured child, holding his hand up and flapping, he’d just hit the other baby around the face hard. I’m gobsmacked!! Can’t apologise enough, I pull Neo away telling him to smack is naughty… I think he learnt, we had no more of the hitting! But wow, nearly 10 months and smacking his peers around the face, good job his mum understands and laughed a little! I’m sure as they get older the other baby will get even hehe! 

It still amazes me to see how large Neo is, he’s bigger than most kids his age and bigger than older ones. Chunky little lad I have. The rest of the time in the park consists of bark eating and slide fun and lots of attempts at walking across the bark floor, all with laughing and lots of baby fun! 


After an hour we head for the grass, we put down a blanket, a few toys and take our seats, Neo has a snack and then gets released from the pram… may the fun begin… First he’s taking the toys and having a look, then he’s got his water, and squirts the water from it all over the other baby, surprise floods me and I laugh, Neo keeps doing it, the other babies face is a picture, he’s just looking, like “WTF!” I stop Neo and help dry the other baby, but inside I am cracking up, that was funny! 


They go to push my pram about, so I collapse it to save the hassle, they gang up on the other pram, and end up squealing at each other in frustration at each other as they both try to pull it this way and that, Neo being the bigger one of the two, manages to lift the pram and nearly tip it onto the baby, his mum stops it just in time, with growls from Neo and lots of babbling from them both. 


When 3pm rolled around and all the chasing of the pigeons and wearing of the water was over we decided to head home, Neo slept all the way back, obviously exhausted from all the play. 


We had a pretty grumpy evening due to not letting him nap so much in the hope of a decent nights sleep, through spouts of moaning, blanket cuddling and toy throwing Neo managed his tea of Tuna, Cheese and Tomato with a yogurt, and listened to some french songs.. it’s nearly 10pm and he’s currently sleeping, heres hoping it stays that way until at least 5.30am 🙂 


I look forward to another day…. 





As usual Neo woke up at 5.30 this morning, after much tossing and turning and me praying he would maybe stay there for another hour… no such luck! The day set off the usual way, bottle of milk and a cup of tea, mummy and baby sorted 🙂 We spent much of the morning playing with balls, he had great fun in watching the roll across the floor and bounce off of the walls, he chased after them, crawling as fast as he can, then standing to walk the rest of the way to them and wobbling as he did so…


Falling Asleep On The Floor ❤

It was about 9am, I look around thinking how quiet the place has become, look at the box of books, no baby, washing machine, no baby, fridge, no baby, dog teddy, no baby, then I look down to my feet, there he is cuddling his teddy, sucking an empty bottle and falling asleep, oh my, this was too cute, the first time i’ve ever seen him falling asleep without mummy cuddles. He’s so dreamy eyed and cute that I don’t want to disturb him, luckily though the sound of the camera stirs him enough and he clambers to my lap where he falls into a peaceful nap 🙂


At around 10am he wakes up and I decide that maybe now is the time to run out and get the shopping we need. Well, it’s not really shopping, we need Tuna, yup, the beloved fish that my son so dearly loves and demands for tea every night, I know if we don’t have any then tea time will be a nightmare! We go to sainsbury’s as they do tuna steak in olive oil that isn’t dry and 4 cans for £4 which is about 4 days worth of fish! As normal Neo spends the journey with his arms either side of the pushchair leaning forward and shouting to the world, when I pick up the tuna in the shop he notices and starts bouncing in the pram, wanting some tuna there and then, I laugh at his desperate efforts, his pleas with me for his favourite food, just lovely.  


^ Here ^ Aged 6 Months

Now we have the shopping I think a day in will do us both the world of good as we can just relax and the weather isn’t looking too bright, as we’re heading back it begins to rain lightly, so we stop at some benches where I can apply the rain cover to the pram. It becomes a war, I fasten the bottom parts to the lower of the pram, then I go for the middle parts, Neo grabs it, and is trying his best to shove it in his mouth, we’re wrestling with each other, I manage to attach the middle section of one side, and have to prise his hands and mouth away in order to do the other side.. just the top to go… as fast as I can I whip the remainder of the rain cover across the hood and fasten it before Neo can rip it down and continue to eat it.


As we’re walking I notice how people are looking into the pram and smiling at Neo, this arises my suspicions as to what he could be up to, I slow down and peer around the bars at him, what he’s doing just makes me laugh so hard, he’s got both arms pushing either side of the rain cover out, causing it to dip in the middle, and there he is, biting on the part that he can now reach, and he’s seriously biting into it, I put him back in the pram properly and continue to walk, next when I look, he’s got the edge of the cover in the pram and is licking off the rain, I offer him his bottle of water, but nope, the rain covered rain cover is much tastier, haha, no wonder all the strange glares and smiles :D. By the time we reach home Neo is fast asleep and I manage to put the tuna away and sort the shopping and have a cuppa before he awakes…. I’m going to try him on crumpets for lunch, here’s hoping he eats them and doesn’t spit them all over the floor!

Trouble Maker

We’ve had a fair few days without too many mischievous little acts taking place. Saying that though, he hasn’t been sitting still either!


He woke up at 5.30 this morning and continued to shout us up going “gaaaaa ga, baaah, tsk, tsk” I rolled over and looked at him, there he was, smiling and bouncing waiting to be released from what he deems as prison… his cot! I’m always last out of bed, which suits me fine.


When the shower gets put on about 6 am, after neo has had his much desired bottle of milk, the door is open to the bathroom. It’s a wet room really so no separate bath bit or shower, its just walk straight in and you’re in the shower. Well, Neo loves a shower, so the door is open and he’s sitting and watching the water fall, looking at me to see if he can go in “No” I say to him, he stays where he is, but starts bouncing up and down in excitement, by doing this he is edging himself closer and closer, bit by bit. Must think mummy doesn’t realise. “No Neo” I say to him, he looks at me and gives a cheeky smile, and he’s off, heading towards that bathroom door, his little bum is all I see, i’m up, trying to grab him, he squeals in excitement at the prospect of the shower, before I know it he’s in the wet room, in his pyjamas, and has managed to get soaked. Wow. He sure can move. I pull him out, much to his anguish, change him and place him away from the shower with his toys, this doesn’t make him happy, he screams at the realisation he can’t make a break for it.


The day progresses, and lunch time rolls around, i’m not the best of cooks so while he is napping I look online to see what I can make him to eat thats different, ah yea, pancakes, with tuna, he will love that as tuna is his favourite food! I set to work. 45 minutes goes by, and a load of pancakes later and he awoke. I peer my head round the door, there he is, face pushed into the mesh of the cot, distorting him slightly, I laugh at him “hello baby” He sits up and beams the biggest smile at me going! I place him on his play mat and sit next to him with the tub of pancakes i’ve made and hand him one. He looks at it like i’ve just handed him a wriggly worm or something, not impressed, I encourage him sto eat it, and eventually he does try it… and likes it… woop! He hugs me straight after, wow, now that is nice.


So we head off to the park again, mainly because Neo loves to go! He’s getting more outgoing in the pram so as we’re heading along the road, he;s looking at objects and shouting “baaaa”, such as bikes, scooters, tree’s, squirrels, vans, lorries, busses etc etc and I find myself explaining everything to him “Thats a bike baby, you have to have balance to ride one of them on 2 wheels, children ride them for exercise and to get somewhere fast, when you’re bigger you will ride one” This continues for the full walk to the park. We have a go on the swings and he screams in delight, thats all thats there for him really, he doesn’t like the slide too much so I take him to the grass where he can practice his walking some more. He wants to push the pram, and does just that, with me guiding it, he’s content on pushing it and amongst stumbles and falling over he does really well 🙂


When it’s time to head home, Neo has other ideas and kicks up a tantrum, I secure him in the pushchair and walk, hoping soon that he will settle and enjoy the journey back. He soon does and is back to having both arms either side of the push chair going baaah baaaah baaaah.


After visiting a few shops and returning home we get the toys out. Neo has other ideas, instad of playing with them, he thinks its a good idea to throw them all out over the stair gate onto the patio, some even succeed in hitting the cat, this just excites him and entices more throwing, haha, he has an evil streak 😛


So thats as far as today has got and i’m sure i’m going to have the entirety of his toys to retrieve from outside later on and a kitty who’s going to need some cuddles… may dinner time go smoothly and may I have no more baby escaping from highchair scenarios 🙂