So the reason I Haven’t updated in a while is because we have moved into a much bigger flat, this one has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a lot more cleaning to do haha! The move with a baby was eventful, every time i was packing stuff into bags Neo would come across and put anything he could find into the bags… helpful but unorganised 🙂 however, it didn’t stop there, it also meant that when he got bored he would go and undo anything he could find, empty boxes, knock over computers, ha, he was such a handful, but never the less, we are glad to be moved :).


Neo has grown up loads in the past month or so, he’s learnt to clap and is walking extremely well, he even walked into town the other day, though it took us nearly an hour due to everything being fascinating  including drains, he stops, points downwards and starts to try and touch it, with me pulling him away going “No, dirty, urgh” and him squirming in a desperate bid to feel this new object… so innocent.


We recently took a trip home, where Neo got to play with his cousins, he loved this and was surprisingly very well behaved, minus the odd smack to his relative here and there and the odd poke in an eye. I let him play in a paddling pool in the park and he loved it, splashing and running and falling over, we ended up coming back with loads of toys, absolutely loads! Thanks to various friends and family, :D.


Since moving into our new flat I have managed to give Neo his first proper bath, which, he loves, he got so excited and was splashing around and squealing it was so cute! Now every night when he’s ready for bed he starts trying to drag me into the bathroom so he can get a soak. I love giving him a bath as well, it’s so relaxing and such an enjoyable experience, especially as I watch him learn about buoyancy and how the water can affect his balance 😀


He’s teething again at the moment so the little blighter got up at 2.30 this morning, yup thats right folks, 2.30am… I’d got into bed about 10pm and had seen to him 3 times in that time, had about an hours shut eye! When he got up he was a bit moany, so I fetched him a bottle of warm milk to suck on in the hope he would drift off back to sleep, no chance! He was wide awake, running around the living room and squealing, boy was it cold at that hour, I put a movie on and curled up, leaving him to do his thing…. when 6.30 rolled around he was ready for some sleep, in the hope that he would crash for about 4 hours or so I eagerly put him down for a nap and hopped into bed myself! Nope! by 8 he was up, shouting at me, ready to play once more!


Once I found the motivation to move from watching movies we went to tesco’s where I brought Neo some cooked ham for his lunch. He spotted it though and was demanding it while in his pushchair, I didn’t mind so much as yesterday he barely ate anything because of his teeth hurting him, so I opened up the meat and tore off a chunk and handed it to him, he ate loads of it on the way home and then promptly fell asleep on his cuddly dog 🙂 He only slept for half an hour though! Wow! I was exhausted.


The day pretty much went on like that, he had one more nap about 3pm which was another half an hour and now at 9.30pm I am tired, very very tired indeed. But having Neo is amazing and I really wouldn’t change him for the world. When he was being called earlier he said “yeaaa” Now for a 10 month old that is pretty good 🙂 it was so cute too, to hear him respond like that, totally shocked me.


Here he is >>>>

He has a fascination with trees and plants and has to run and point to every one 🙂


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