As usual Neo woke up at 5.30 this morning, after much tossing and turning and me praying he would maybe stay there for another hour… no such luck! The day set off the usual way, bottle of milk and a cup of tea, mummy and baby sorted 🙂 We spent much of the morning playing with balls, he had great fun in watching the roll across the floor and bounce off of the walls, he chased after them, crawling as fast as he can, then standing to walk the rest of the way to them and wobbling as he did so…


Falling Asleep On The Floor ❤

It was about 9am, I look around thinking how quiet the place has become, look at the box of books, no baby, washing machine, no baby, fridge, no baby, dog teddy, no baby, then I look down to my feet, there he is cuddling his teddy, sucking an empty bottle and falling asleep, oh my, this was too cute, the first time i’ve ever seen him falling asleep without mummy cuddles. He’s so dreamy eyed and cute that I don’t want to disturb him, luckily though the sound of the camera stirs him enough and he clambers to my lap where he falls into a peaceful nap 🙂


At around 10am he wakes up and I decide that maybe now is the time to run out and get the shopping we need. Well, it’s not really shopping, we need Tuna, yup, the beloved fish that my son so dearly loves and demands for tea every night, I know if we don’t have any then tea time will be a nightmare! We go to sainsbury’s as they do tuna steak in olive oil that isn’t dry and 4 cans for £4 which is about 4 days worth of fish! As normal Neo spends the journey with his arms either side of the pushchair leaning forward and shouting to the world, when I pick up the tuna in the shop he notices and starts bouncing in the pram, wanting some tuna there and then, I laugh at his desperate efforts, his pleas with me for his favourite food, just lovely.  


^ Here ^ Aged 6 Months

Now we have the shopping I think a day in will do us both the world of good as we can just relax and the weather isn’t looking too bright, as we’re heading back it begins to rain lightly, so we stop at some benches where I can apply the rain cover to the pram. It becomes a war, I fasten the bottom parts to the lower of the pram, then I go for the middle parts, Neo grabs it, and is trying his best to shove it in his mouth, we’re wrestling with each other, I manage to attach the middle section of one side, and have to prise his hands and mouth away in order to do the other side.. just the top to go… as fast as I can I whip the remainder of the rain cover across the hood and fasten it before Neo can rip it down and continue to eat it.


As we’re walking I notice how people are looking into the pram and smiling at Neo, this arises my suspicions as to what he could be up to, I slow down and peer around the bars at him, what he’s doing just makes me laugh so hard, he’s got both arms pushing either side of the rain cover out, causing it to dip in the middle, and there he is, biting on the part that he can now reach, and he’s seriously biting into it, I put him back in the pram properly and continue to walk, next when I look, he’s got the edge of the cover in the pram and is licking off the rain, I offer him his bottle of water, but nope, the rain covered rain cover is much tastier, haha, no wonder all the strange glares and smiles :D. By the time we reach home Neo is fast asleep and I manage to put the tuna away and sort the shopping and have a cuppa before he awakes…. I’m going to try him on crumpets for lunch, here’s hoping he eats them and doesn’t spit them all over the floor!


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