Dinner time has taken an almighty twist… yup, its dinner on the floor now… The modern style so we like to call it. Haha. Neo has become a hater of the high chair now, so we decided it’s time we stopped using it, the tantrums, squeals and lack of food eaten just really aren’t worth it!!! 

Just lately we’ve been staying in a lot, the weather is nasty here, pure winter weather, cold, windy and raining.. and as Neo enjoys eating the rain cover, shall I say, licking the rain off, we stay in on these days as much as possible. 

His walking has improved loads, last night we took the rubbish out together. He loved it and kept stopping to look at the women as they walked past us. On the way back up in the lift some lady was blowing him kisses, he really does make friends easily 🙂 

I don’t really have much to write today, except the tantrums are increasing in frequency and the mischievousness is doing the same… boys will be boys though haha 


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