1 Year old!!!

Wow,  Neo is 1 now

We spoilt him for his birthday, stayed up late blowibg up balloons just so he could wake up and be amazed, his little face was so cute. Out he came all sleepy eyed from bed and wondered through to the lounge, he freezes and just looks at the ‘goks ‘as he likes to call them, then hes running over and bashing them and squealing as we sing happy birthday, hes just like ‘wtf ‘ haha. We bought him a garage and cars and a carry car truck and he also received a brilliant story book from one of his aunts and some money from his great nan. He got many cards aswell.

Its amazing how much babies grow up in the firs year, hes talking a bit now and is very cheeky!

He recently started to use the spoon properly aswell, which I couldnt be happier about, lots of clapping abd praising him to enncourage him to do so more often. Theres just so much and im really gunna keep u all updated. He is raiding the fridge at the moment so I will upload a few pictures for you all to see and then I have to run to go and save whatever it is hes having a munch on 🙂

Update soon 🙂


Would rather play with the box, 😀

At the park

Love this boy


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