Potty Training…

Well, not so much potty training, more like toilet training, recently we’ve noticed Neo pulling at his nappy when he needs it changing and even nods when we ask him if that’s what he wants, he will lay down and wait for us to get him a nappy, so we decided now is the time to seriously introduce the toilet. We brought him a step up seat thing, he can climb it by himself and LOVES the idea of it. He made me laugh though, I put him on it the first time, told him to go *wee wee* he gets off, walks round the side of the toilet and pees right on the floor haha!! I place him back on the toilet, say *wee wee* he waits a minute, gets off, stands at the bottom and pees on the floor again, I can only laugh at his pure innocence.
His climbing has taken to a whole new extreme, he opens the kitchen draws and gets right on in, standing up in them and wobbling to make them move *heart in mouth* syndrome. The thought of me precariously edging towards him is some what hilarious, he stands and smiles, looking at me with those glistening eyes, screeches in pure excitement, can he be any cuter?
The bed – My nightmare, he climbs on and stands right on the edge, every time he makes me poop in my pants as I run and manage to divert a few accidents just in time. I worry for when he can climb from the draw to the side, or from the bed to the window, the joys of boys 🙂
He’s funny when he wants his own way aswell, I told him off the other day for yet again, going to the fridge and emptying the mushrooms all over the floor and half eating each one (though it is extremely funny) He stops, gives me a deep frown, raises his little arm above his head and thrusts it down to his side while shout baby-talk at me, there isn’t a time I haven’t laughed at him. His little display of independence and trying to be authoritative really are a breath of fresh air when looking at how much he has changed 🙂

He’s currently snoring away in his bed, waiting for the 4am start, so as it’s late I think I will join him 🙂 Good night All



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