Shower at christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, it really is amazing to think that this time last year Neo was a tiny new baby, he was unable to sit alone and only ate milk. Fast forward 12 months and he’s a whirlwind of destruction, he flies from one activity to the next, leaving a huge mess in his path.

His speech is starting to come along nicely, the clearest word he says is ‘shower’

2 days ago I was washing up. I look down to Neo spinning fast in circles and falling down laughing, he see’s me looking, jumps up, runs to the living room door and goes ‘shower, shower, shower’ while pointing down the hall to the on suite. ‘later baby, mummy’s busy’ he has none of it ‘shower, shower, shower’ off come his trousers as he stumbles around with them at his feet. He falls to a sitting position, takes his legs out. Now he’s standing again, pointing ‘shower, shower, shower’, I laugh at him, ‘later Neo’ he’s now wrestling with his t-shirt, trying to lift it over his head, he struggling and getting frustrated. At this point I gave in, whipped his t-shirt of and said shower to him, he runs down the hall way to the bedroom door, he waits for me to catch up, as im getting the towels ready he’s now banging on the bathroom door, jumping, shouting ‘shower, shower, shower’ as I open the door he runs in. It realy is amazing how much he loves getting in.

As I lay here typing this im watching him take the kitchen draws apart, he can unclip the sides then the face comes off, he’s a smart one 🙂 he’s still a climber and he’s getting more brave, I am going to need eyes in the back of my head.

Its time to prepare his dinner, so fare well 🙂

DSC_0558 DSC_0493 DSC_0581


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