20 Months old

So Neo is 20 months old now, soon to be approaching two! U
The past few months have been realy busy, I have started a university course, which a blog about it and my creative work can be found here Creating to inspire.

We also took a trip back home! It was, exhausting to say the least, 12 days turned into non stop running around! Neo was terrified of his grandad, he would not go near him and always ran back to me! Poor Grand Dad!

Neo with Grand ma and Grand dad We saw my sisters and Neo’s cousins, swimming was a funny event! Neo, who usualy loves swimming didn’t want to be in the pool and just wanted to stand in the shower, so yup, we paid to have a shower haha!


The visit was ended by a couple of days spent around my close friends, we took the dog and the cat, yes, the cat, for walks and had a good day out at the softplay centre, but it was nice to get back home for a break 🙂

Neo’s progress the past few months has been massive, he can talk so much a few of his words are

* Yellow
* Red
* Photon
* Gravity
* Brain
* Intractable
* Insolent
* Transient
* Ambiguous
The lack of TV and word of the day seem to be realy helping him 🙂

We have also toilet trained Neo, he wears a nappy/diaper at night and spends the rest of the day without it. Hes making me so proud!

I will leave this post with a few more pictures and will try my best to do regular updates!

Neo and his Great nan :)

Neo and his Great nan 🙂



Neo and Aunty Louise

Neo and Aunty Louise