The joys of a portable toilet

As you all know, Neo is toilet trained, well, mostly!

So yesterday morning he gets up, climbs into our bed, and the wondrous phase of him repeating himself commences again. “toilet, toilet, toilet” , he removes his nappy and runs to his potty in the lounge! We’re just quietly laying in bed, waking up still after a late night!

I hear Neo’s feet as he comes walking down the hall way, “ah, time for cuddles” I think as that’s the usual routine. Not today! Neo appears around the door frame, potty in hand, I try and move, stumbling amongst the duvet to get to him, as I do so, he launches, the whole contents of what was in his bladder is now over the bed and me. I jump up, stinking like urine, “Neo” I go, he replies “urgh, stinking!” I jump out of the pool of not so nice contents and he laughs!

That, is the joy of toddlers! Haha