How much has he grown?

Well, Neo is two tears and 3 months now! Growing up to be quite a little man, he is also hitting that oh so terrible stage of being 2, and let me tell you, it’s no fun.

Take today for example, I think, oh I know, we’ll go into town and he can ride his balance bike through the park. Oh wow, before we even got out of the car park out of the front here, he wasn’t listening, so I regrouped, explained how if he didn’t listen we would turn around and go back indoors! He promises to listen. This boy talks for England, he has 10 word sentences, explains the concept of gravity, knows where the moon is, looks at it through  a telescope, knows light is made of photons and a hell of a lot about electrons and Atoms, asking him to listen is something he can understand! Well, we make it through the park, he’s an angel! I ask him to walk his bike around the shop, he does so! Wow, so proud of this boy!

Then we leave… uh oh…. he takes off, flying past everyone in the street, nearly knocking an old lady over “Neo, wait” I shout… “Wait, Neo… ” Nothing, he’s gone, passers by comment on his speed as I run after the little toe rag, I catch him, out of breath and flustered, Lift him, turn him round and tell him to head back in the direction we had originally come from because we were going home as he was not listening to me.

Oh boy, you’d think I just brought him a toy, then took it away and destroyed it in front of him, he pitched a fit, he screamed, he kicked he sounded like I was murdering a baby whale! Yea, that was him all over. I looked around at all the people just staring, then I started to walk, knowing that this loveable little monster that had just hatched would follow behind me. And that he did.

All I could hear, “That way… WAAAAHHHHHAAAHAHAHAHAAH…… That way… WAHHHAAHAHA” As he tried to ride his bike, scream, voice what he wanted and point in that direction all at one time, while tumbling off a little here and there!

He’s going so slow, I urge him to hurry up, but he’s having none of it, I get him home about 45 minutes later, should only be a 10 minute walk, then he carries on screaming at home. Ah the joys.



There are many great things about having him around, he can span up to 10 word sentences, which isn’t bad for a newly 2 year old, though however hard we tried, we couldn’t completely hide the negative word, so sometimes his choice of sentence connective is…. shocking, to say the least!

I take him to play with other kids his age a couple of times a week, on a Friday morning between 9.30 – 11.30 we go to a toddler group run by the Salvation Army, he seems to love it there, though the other day, we were standing in line waiting to get him some snack, when out of the blue he starts pushing the little girl in front of him! Oh my, I tell him to stop and apologise to the mother, she laughs, but I couldn’t believe he had acted in such a manner. Then the other couple of days, sometimes a Monday and Wednesday we go to a soft play centre, he can climb around and go down slides, there is a ball pit too, so he can release a lot of that energy he has built up.

2014-01-25 13.23.56


So that is him at two years old, he has a love for anything with wheels! He’s a monster disguised as a gorgeous little thing sent from heaven above and he makes the days that bit more interesting!


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