How much has he grown?

Well, Neo is two tears and 3 months now! Growing up to be quite a little man, he is also hitting that oh so terrible stage of being 2, and let me tell you, it’s no fun.

Take today for example, I think, oh I know, we’ll go into town and he can ride his balance bike through the park. Oh wow, before we even got out of the car park out of the front here, he wasn’t listening, so I regrouped, explained how if he didn’t listen we would turn around and go back indoors! He promises to listen. This boy talks for England, he has 10 word sentences, explains the concept of gravity, knows where the moon is, looks at it through  a telescope, knows light is made of photons and a hell of a lot about electrons and Atoms, asking him to listen is something he can understand! Well, we make it through the park, he’s an angel! I ask him to walk his bike around the shop, he does so! Wow, so proud of this boy!

Then we leave… uh oh…. he takes off, flying past everyone in the street, nearly knocking an old lady over “Neo, wait” I shout… “Wait, Neo… ” Nothing, he’s gone, passers by comment on his speed as I run after the little toe rag, I catch him, out of breath and flustered, Lift him, turn him round and tell him to head back in the direction we had originally come from because we were going home as he was not listening to me.

Oh boy, you’d think I just brought him a toy, then took it away and destroyed it in front of him, he pitched a fit, he screamed, he kicked he sounded like I was murdering a baby whale! Yea, that was him all over. I looked around at all the people just staring, then I started to walk, knowing that this loveable little monster that had just hatched would follow behind me. And that he did.

All I could hear, “That way… WAAAAHHHHHAAAHAHAHAHAAH…… That way… WAHHHAAHAHA” As he tried to ride his bike, scream, voice what he wanted and point in that direction all at one time, while tumbling off a little here and there!

He’s going so slow, I urge him to hurry up, but he’s having none of it, I get him home about 45 minutes later, should only be a 10 minute walk, then he carries on screaming at home. Ah the joys.



There are many great things about having him around, he can span up to 10 word sentences, which isn’t bad for a newly 2 year old, though however hard we tried, we couldn’t completely hide the negative word, so sometimes his choice of sentence connective is…. shocking, to say the least!

I take him to play with other kids his age a couple of times a week, on a Friday morning between 9.30 – 11.30 we go to a toddler group run by the Salvation Army, he seems to love it there, though the other day, we were standing in line waiting to get him some snack, when out of the blue he starts pushing the little girl in front of him! Oh my, I tell him to stop and apologise to the mother, she laughs, but I couldn’t believe he had acted in such a manner. Then the other couple of days, sometimes a Monday and Wednesday we go to a soft play centre, he can climb around and go down slides, there is a ball pit too, so he can release a lot of that energy he has built up.

2014-01-25 13.23.56


So that is him at two years old, he has a love for anything with wheels! He’s a monster disguised as a gorgeous little thing sent from heaven above and he makes the days that bit more interesting!


The joys of a portable toilet

As you all know, Neo is toilet trained, well, mostly!

So yesterday morning he gets up, climbs into our bed, and the wondrous phase of him repeating himself commences again. “toilet, toilet, toilet” , he removes his nappy and runs to his potty in the lounge! We’re just quietly laying in bed, waking up still after a late night!

I hear Neo’s feet as he comes walking down the hall way, “ah, time for cuddles” I think as that’s the usual routine. Not today! Neo appears around the door frame, potty in hand, I try and move, stumbling amongst the duvet to get to him, as I do so, he launches, the whole contents of what was in his bladder is now over the bed and me. I jump up, stinking like urine, “Neo” I go, he replies “urgh, stinking!” I jump out of the pool of not so nice contents and he laughs!

That, is the joy of toddlers! Haha


20 Months old

So Neo is 20 months old now, soon to be approaching two! U
The past few months have been realy busy, I have started a university course, which a blog about it and my creative work can be found here Creating to inspire.

We also took a trip back home! It was, exhausting to say the least, 12 days turned into non stop running around! Neo was terrified of his grandad, he would not go near him and always ran back to me! Poor Grand Dad!

Neo with Grand ma and Grand dad We saw my sisters and Neo’s cousins, swimming was a funny event! Neo, who usualy loves swimming didn’t want to be in the pool and just wanted to stand in the shower, so yup, we paid to have a shower haha!


The visit was ended by a couple of days spent around my close friends, we took the dog and the cat, yes, the cat, for walks and had a good day out at the softplay centre, but it was nice to get back home for a break 🙂

Neo’s progress the past few months has been massive, he can talk so much a few of his words are

* Yellow
* Red
* Photon
* Gravity
* Brain
* Intractable
* Insolent
* Transient
* Ambiguous
The lack of TV and word of the day seem to be realy helping him 🙂

We have also toilet trained Neo, he wears a nappy/diaper at night and spends the rest of the day without it. Hes making me so proud!

I will leave this post with a few more pictures and will try my best to do regular updates!

Neo and his Great nan :)

Neo and his Great nan 🙂



Neo and Aunty Louise

Neo and Aunty Louise




The snow has been falling hard and thick here in sunny old London and Neo, at nearly 15 months old has been amazed by it.

He got up Tuesday morning (Today is Monday) and was stood looking out the balcony window, “That’s snow baby” I say to him, he carries on looking, gasping, going “ooooh, no” So about 12 I put him down for a nap with the promise of taking him out to play.

He gets up at 2, typical, not just an hour nap like usual but 2 hours, he wakes up hungry, lunch it is. I’m secretly trying to hurry him along, can’t wait to get out in the snow myself and see his little face. Half 3 rolls around and we’re just heading out, first i put him in the pram, so we can get to the shop with out him getting too wet or cold. He walks on the way back… well… he skates, holding onto my hand for support and losing his feet from under him :) he’s amazed, picks up the snow… eats it… eeew! “Neo, not in your mouth” He smiles at me and tries for another lick of the snow, by now the cold is getting to his hands, he’s shaking his glove, but the snow is attached, I laugh at him, how innocent he is… dust of his hand, and continue to walk home.

I put the bags in and thought he’d enjoy a half hour outside really playing in it, so we head out. He stands and marvels at the crunching sound beneath his feet, the neighbors pull in and Neo’s off, running across to them, he’s running fast, I’m hobbling behind, hoping to catch him in time, running “bah, bah, bah” and… DOWN he goes… his little feet slide from under his body, he hits the cold floor with a thud, his face full of shock! The neighbours gasp! I cracked up laughing, lifted him up, dusted him off, and told him to play. He learnt his lesson pretty fast and didn’t let go again :)

We’ve had a little success with the potty training, he actually went for a wee on the loo just yesterday, and he seems to be able to hold it when he hasn’t got a nappy on, though the excitement of a shower still gets him and he regularly pee’s at the door while I’m getting the towels ready lol.

No new words have arose, though he is trying to say “Bird” which comes out like “biirrrr” A bit like Bambi!

We’ve also made the venture onto cloth nappies and I think they are much better then disposables, the washing of them is hassle free and I use a little tea tree oil, no more nappy rash. Usually when Neo teeths he gets severe nappy rash, and he’s just managed 3 Molars in a week, without even a little redness on his bum… much better!!!

We also have a new sleeping technique down and working really well, I take him through to bed, lay him down and read to him, he listens and goes to sleep on his own, no more rocking. Though I miss the cuddles he was getting to heavy to lift into bed, he has started to sleep better this way as well, no more 7-8 wakings in a night :)

So over all, a lot of progress has happened over the past month or so and Neo is growing up fast :)


Shower at christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, it really is amazing to think that this time last year Neo was a tiny new baby, he was unable to sit alone and only ate milk. Fast forward 12 months and he’s a whirlwind of destruction, he flies from one activity to the next, leaving a huge mess in his path.

His speech is starting to come along nicely, the clearest word he says is ‘shower’

2 days ago I was washing up. I look down to Neo spinning fast in circles and falling down laughing, he see’s me looking, jumps up, runs to the living room door and goes ‘shower, shower, shower’ while pointing down the hall to the on suite. ‘later baby, mummy’s busy’ he has none of it ‘shower, shower, shower’ off come his trousers as he stumbles around with them at his feet. He falls to a sitting position, takes his legs out. Now he’s standing again, pointing ‘shower, shower, shower’, I laugh at him, ‘later Neo’ he’s now wrestling with his t-shirt, trying to lift it over his head, he struggling and getting frustrated. At this point I gave in, whipped his t-shirt of and said shower to him, he runs down the hall way to the bedroom door, he waits for me to catch up, as im getting the towels ready he’s now banging on the bathroom door, jumping, shouting ‘shower, shower, shower’ as I open the door he runs in. It realy is amazing how much he loves getting in.

As I lay here typing this im watching him take the kitchen draws apart, he can unclip the sides then the face comes off, he’s a smart one 🙂 he’s still a climber and he’s getting more brave, I am going to need eyes in the back of my head.

Its time to prepare his dinner, so fare well 🙂

DSC_0558 DSC_0493 DSC_0581