The snow has been falling hard and thick here in sunny old London and Neo, at nearly 15 months old has been amazed by it.

He got up Tuesday morning (Today is Monday) and was stood looking out the balcony window, “That’s snow baby” I say to him, he carries on looking, gasping, going “ooooh, no” So about 12 I put him down for a nap with the promise of taking him out to play.

He gets up at 2, typical, not just an hour nap like usual but 2 hours, he wakes up hungry, lunch it is. I’m secretly trying to hurry him along, can’t wait to get out in the snow myself and see his little face. Half 3 rolls around and we’re just heading out, first i put him in the pram, so we can get to the shop with out him getting too wet or cold. He walks on the way back… well… he skates, holding onto my hand for support and losing his feet from under him :) he’s amazed, picks up the snow… eats it… eeew! “Neo, not in your mouth” He smiles at me and tries for another lick of the snow, by now the cold is getting to his hands, he’s shaking his glove, but the snow is attached, I laugh at him, how innocent he is… dust of his hand, and continue to walk home.

I put the bags in and thought he’d enjoy a half hour outside really playing in it, so we head out. He stands and marvels at the crunching sound beneath his feet, the neighbors pull in and Neo’s off, running across to them, he’s running fast, I’m hobbling behind, hoping to catch him in time, running “bah, bah, bah” and… DOWN he goes… his little feet slide from under his body, he hits the cold floor with a thud, his face full of shock! The neighbours gasp! I cracked up laughing, lifted him up, dusted him off, and told him to play. He learnt his lesson pretty fast and didn’t let go again :)

We’ve had a little success with the potty training, he actually went for a wee on the loo just yesterday, and he seems to be able to hold it when he hasn’t got a nappy on, though the excitement of a shower still gets him and he regularly pee’s at the door while I’m getting the towels ready lol.

No new words have arose, though he is trying to say “Bird” which comes out like “biirrrr” A bit like Bambi!

We’ve also made the venture onto cloth nappies and I think they are much better then disposables, the washing of them is hassle free and I use a little tea tree oil, no more nappy rash. Usually when Neo teeths he gets severe nappy rash, and he’s just managed 3 Molars in a week, without even a little redness on his bum… much better!!!

We also have a new sleeping technique down and working really well, I take him through to bed, lay him down and read to him, he listens and goes to sleep on his own, no more rocking. Though I miss the cuddles he was getting to heavy to lift into bed, he has started to sleep better this way as well, no more 7-8 wakings in a night :)

So over all, a lot of progress has happened over the past month or so and Neo is growing up fast :)



Potty Training…

Well, not so much potty training, more like toilet training, recently we’ve noticed Neo pulling at his nappy when he needs it changing and even nods when we ask him if that’s what he wants, he will lay down and wait for us to get him a nappy, so we decided now is the time to seriously introduce the toilet. We brought him a step up seat thing, he can climb it by himself and LOVES the idea of it. He made me laugh though, I put him on it the first time, told him to go *wee wee* he gets off, walks round the side of the toilet and pees right on the floor haha!! I place him back on the toilet, say *wee wee* he waits a minute, gets off, stands at the bottom and pees on the floor again, I can only laugh at his pure innocence.
His climbing has taken to a whole new extreme, he opens the kitchen draws and gets right on in, standing up in them and wobbling to make them move *heart in mouth* syndrome. The thought of me precariously edging towards him is some what hilarious, he stands and smiles, looking at me with those glistening eyes, screeches in pure excitement, can he be any cuter?
The bed – My nightmare, he climbs on and stands right on the edge, every time he makes me poop in my pants as I run and manage to divert a few accidents just in time. I worry for when he can climb from the draw to the side, or from the bed to the window, the joys of boys 🙂
He’s funny when he wants his own way aswell, I told him off the other day for yet again, going to the fridge and emptying the mushrooms all over the floor and half eating each one (though it is extremely funny) He stops, gives me a deep frown, raises his little arm above his head and thrusts it down to his side while shout baby-talk at me, there isn’t a time I haven’t laughed at him. His little display of independence and trying to be authoritative really are a breath of fresh air when looking at how much he has changed 🙂

He’s currently snoring away in his bed, waiting for the 4am start, so as it’s late I think I will join him 🙂 Good night All



Dinner time has taken an almighty twist… yup, its dinner on the floor now… The modern style so we like to call it. Haha. Neo has become a hater of the high chair now, so we decided it’s time we stopped using it, the tantrums, squeals and lack of food eaten just really aren’t worth it!!! 

Just lately we’ve been staying in a lot, the weather is nasty here, pure winter weather, cold, windy and raining.. and as Neo enjoys eating the rain cover, shall I say, licking the rain off, we stay in on these days as much as possible. 

His walking has improved loads, last night we took the rubbish out together. He loved it and kept stopping to look at the women as they walked past us. On the way back up in the lift some lady was blowing him kisses, he really does make friends easily 🙂 

I don’t really have much to write today, except the tantrums are increasing in frequency and the mischievousness is doing the same… boys will be boys though haha 

Hand Full

Well.. Neo is a few days off of the 11 month mark and it really is beginning to show how he is turning from a baby into a little boy.. he causes mischief wherever he goes.


So a couple of days ago, there we were, just chilling together in the kitchen, Neo has a nice bottle of milk and dis drinking it like a little angel. Thinking I had a couple of minutes spare o check a few emails while he was occupied, I did exactly that… checking… signing in… loading page… waiting… Neo is still quiet… look at the news…. open up email page… 2 emails… have a quick look…. turn around to look at Neo… Oh MY!!!!!!! What is he up to??? There he is, bottle of milk turned upside down and he is bashing it on the floor so it squirts out everywhere and then… he’s not just leaving it, he wipes it across the floor with his hands and attempts to swim in it… what a mess!

        I take the bottle away from him “No Neo, thats not what we use a bottle for” He kicks up, screaming and banging his hands on the floor and thrashing his legs… and I thought the tantrums didn’t start until they’re 2! After 5 minutes he forgets about the bottle and continues to play.


By play, what I really mean is make a mess haha, first off he’s over to the cupboards, opening them and slamming them shut, while smiling at me, now, we did buy child locks, but my baby genius just peeled them all straight off, anything with him has to be screwed down!!! I take his hand off the cupboard handle and take him over to the “sleep corner” where all his teddies and blankets are and plonk him in the middle, he laughs, gets right back up and runs over to the cupboards… he’s back at it, cheeky smile, slamming the cupboards open and shut.. I repeat the same method of removing him and placing him with his bears, nothing seems to stop him, to him its a game and with each removal he laughs harder and harder! Kids!





I think that getting ready to head out will deter him from the cupboards so I walk to the bedroom telling him to “come” He follows me excitedly, running behind me, I grab a nappy out of the cupboard on my way, to which point he stops, looks at me, smiles that cheeky smile, and runs in the other direction with me chasing behind him.. he’s quick, but not quick enough. I scoop him up, hook him under my arm, and through to the bedroom we go. I shut the door. We have an inbuilt wardrobe here and atm Neo’s clothes are in piles at the bottom of it as we now need to get him some drawers. So I open one side and he comes over, he wants to help, by that I mean empty the load of clothes in there onto the floor of the bedroom… after much fight, squeals and stressy moments I manage to grab a set of clothes out for him and keep the wardrobe in tact.

I get him dressed then Get the pram out, he gets excited and starts ramming it into the walls of the flat, while he’s occupied I get dressed quickly. Then I hear him crying, he’s stood at the door, getting frustrated coz he wants to leave already. He’s become really good at walking to the lift and then to the front door. So as we head out he’s still walking, and I  tell him to wait for mummy, not today, he scoots around the pram and is running down the corridor, I don’t even have time to lock the door before I have to chase him, he’s pushing the heavy door open that leads to the stairs, so I run, grab him, and put him in the pram. He isn’t a fan of this and puts up a fight.


That day pretty much continued like that, Neo pretty much ran rings around me, causing havoc and destruction every where! The process from baby to toddler really is fun!


Every day since then has pretty much been the same, and he’s learning to throw properly so we get the occasional brick in the face :). Boys!.


On Thursday we had a very good friend visit, Amy, She was amazed at the size of Neo and tbh, i’m beginning to get amazed at the size of him, he’s getting massive!! At first Neo isnt too bothered by her presence, so we go to the shops then head to the park, where I let Neo out of the pram. He runs in every direction but the one for home, so I run after him, scoop him up and place him next to the pram a few times until we come to the swings. What a joke, Some little Brat has only burnt it so now it’s no longer useable, seriously, some kids need to get there heads sorting, out of the whole park thats the only thing Neo can use coz he’s still so small.


At home, Neo was quite well behaved and ended up giving his Aunty Amy cuddles and jumping on her to grab her necklace, it was a lovely day 🙂


But as for now, I have to head off and chase this boy some more as he is currently raiding the fridge….