Up To No Good

It was a beautiful morning this morning, Neo slept through the whole night without waking and got us up at 5.30… not too bad a time.


He had his bottle of milk and then I started to clean, by 7 am it was time to do the floor, so I place the boy in his highchair as he has a knack for chasing the broom, I get to work, he’s quite content watching me so I don’t worry too much about him getting bored. Half way through I stopped and gave him some porridge then got to work reassembling his play mat. I look up, theres this little face pearing over at me from the highchair…. He’s standing!!! I jump up, and grab him, he starts to bounce in my arms and get all excited. The reigns were on and tight, yet he managed to get free…monkey!


So it’s 1.30 pm now and we have to leave for a flat viewing, but Neo is stil napping, while he’s asleep I set up the push chair, get his bag ready and make him a bottle of milk, by now its 2pm and I go and wake him, there he is, laying so peaceful. I call him once and before his eyes are even open he’s smiling at me… too cute… then he’s up, I mean “wow” he’s not even had time to fully awake yet and he’s already jumping at the side of the cot wanting to be lifted out. Before I remove him I get a clean t-shirt out for him, I turn around, and there he is with his face pushed into the mesh of the cot, looking at me, smiling, he looks scary!


Got him dressed not a problem, he gave me smiles all the way through!!!


At the flat viewing I get Neo out of the pram as we have to go up a flight of very manky stairs… he’s holding onto me for protection, a little nervous at his new surroundings, when we get up tho he seems to have lost all fear and is looking at the guy showing us the property going “bah bah bah” while smacking me in the face, oh the love! He’s really interested in the flat and is trying to pear around all door frames and is consequently leaning very far out of my arms, at least one of us is interested :).


We leave the flat and placing him back in the pram is no easy mission, after a few squeals, lashing of arms and kicking of feet I manage to have him tied down in the pram with his sun hat on, he’s not happy! I give him a bottle of water, it goes on the floor, I clean it and hand it back, it’s promptly thrown back on the floor, he sure is showing me he’s not happy 😛 I then leave it and don’t give it back to him until we’re halfway home, to which he takes it and guzzles loads, he was just being stubborn 🙂


We’re home now, and he’s currently trying to get into the fridge, its gaffe tapped shut, but he’s in the process of pulling the tape off, the joys of boys :). Once he’s finished there i’m sure he will go and empty the washing machine for me and then will try and open the washing machine powder draw… Love it!!!



Yep, as the title suggests my little monkey has started to walk, he’s so determined and I love to see him toddling around, he can do about 10 steps without falling at the moment… he gets so proud of himself.


I was sitting on my computer earlier for ten minutes after cleaning up, having a little 5 mins of mummy time, Neo was down on the floor cuddling his bears going “Ahhhh” so i’m thinking im safe to just quckily check my emails, haha how foolish am I, this is 1 sneaky little boy I have here, before I know it he’s moved from down next to me and is back on top of te box of books, he can now climb up without the aid of a 5 litre bottle of water. Joys for me. I’m creeping towards him… “Neo baby, stay there” Slowly… slowly… he’s on his hands and knees rocking backwards and forwards excitedly, squealing and spitting a little, lovely! As I get to him, I grab him lift him up, down on the floor … “No baby. Not the books, Dangerous” He stomps his feet a little and squeals at me for still having hold of him *need eyes in the back of my head*


Ok, so as it’s early we’re going to head off into town to do a little shopping and to visit the park. I’m excited as much as the boy is. Getting dressed seems to be getting quicker day by day so it wasn’t long before we were ready to head out the door. Neo is tired so is pulling at my trouser legs, I whisk him up, plonk him in the pram, straps on, favourite blanket, and within 5 minutes he’s asleep… Bonus!


I do what I have to do in town and Neo wakes up just as we get into Westfield shopping centre, he’s all smiles and is enjoying laying there and watching the floors above of people walking around, while he’s still in a dosy state I manage to get the tops I need and head back out. Now he wants to sit up, both arms are hanging over the edge of the pram and hes pulling with all his might to raise himself up, laughing at his determination I lift his seat. 




We head to the park now, first its bag search time, yep, thats right, they now search your bags for you to enter the stupid park, Absolute joke “whats in the primark bag”  – “erm, Primark stuff”  JEEZ! 

Neo gets excited at the sight of the swing and starts to bounce “bah bah bah bah” I lift him out and place him in the swing, hes so happy, smiling and giggling, that is, until he’s back to turning around, Ah, the dangers. I take him out and place him on the slide, he’s not so sure, begins to try and grab hold of me for reassurance (I am supporting him on the way down) and is trying to use his feet to climb into my arms, bless him. After a few attempts at trying to make him relax I give in and hold him close, he spots a pigeon “bah bah bah” Hes trying to push his way to the ground to go and get it, “bah bah bah” I don’t let him down, the floor is wet and I haven’t got clean jeans for him, instead we stand and watch the pigeon, with many “bah’s” and “che che che” From him in his amazement 🙂 After a little playing and gasping at such things as trees and leaves and birds we stop for some lunch… The next mission! 


I place him in his pram and he starts to kick up a fuss, he doesn’t seem to realise I have food for him until I pull the jar from the bag (I hate using these and very rarely do so but boots do an organic range) he stops fighting and kicking an looks in surprise like “Where you get that from” I start to feed him, he’s not very impressed with the food and soon decides he doesn’t want to eat it, this results in high pitched squeals and arching of the back and spitting of the food, directly in my face, with many stares from people all around us… oh the joys. I try some ‘fruity rice pudding’ and after a few mouth fulls we have exactly the same outcome just with the flailing of arms and legs, the boy does not like jarred food! 


I carry him through the park on our way home so he can view the world from my arms and he seems to really enjoy this, we head home and by the time we get there he is back asleep, so I sat and had a couple of weetabix and waited for the fun to begin again…

Little Tyke

Today is a sleepy day, I think Neo is teething.. we were up for hours with him last night as he didn’t seem to want to sleep in his own bed, he slept with us for about 20 mins then woke up crying again, poor little mite. Any how, he got up at 6.30 (an hour and a half later than usual) and began to be the mischievous little fella he is.


He gets up and demands a bottle, fairly normal, he goes all night without one, so he has one and then starts the rouble on the nappy box. It’s full of everything I need to change him, nappies, wipes, bags cream. Before I know it hes turning around and putting little white hand prints over everything… he’s managed to open the sudocrem and get a handful, I was right there, I was watching him, how does he do it? He finds it funny and screams when I wipe it up and remove the container, luckily none was eaten.


Breakfast time – Summer fruits baby cereal, something he usually loves, as we’re still all in the bedroom  lounging around I don’t bother with the high chair, big mistake, instead of eating his cereal he’s squirming and kicking and trying to run off. 10 stressful minutes later we give up. Baby wins lol.


By 9am we’re strolling through the park thinking a nice go on the swings will keep him happy and he loves it, so why not, once we’re there tho he’s asleep, snoozing away in the morning sun. I don’t mind so much, i’m enjoying the stroll so I just kept walking into the next part and up into the town centre,

The Olympics are here at the minute and it’s madness out there, even at that hour, the buildings that are in close proximity and are tall enough to be seen and look like a pile of rubble have been covered by massive adverts, dam right wrong really. Should at least show the true Stratford rather than buil that multimillion complex and hide the true slums surrounding it. Dirts Scum.


Inside the Shopping center Neo wakes up and is acting hungry, clicking his tongue and restless, so we stop at some seats and I have some mango and banana yogurt for him. As i’m feeding him an elderly gent sits next to us and is being really friendly with Neo, but he’s not interested and doesn’t even offer a smile, just keeps looking around at the people and the lighting of the building. Next a young pretty girl sits next to us, what Neo does just makes me laugh, he stares at her, and when she starts talking he is all smiles and excited behaviour appears, favouritism! She soon leaves though as do we.


So since we’ve been home, its now 14.30pm, Neo has been up to no good, he demanded the front door to be open earlier (we have a stair gate on it) just so that he could sit and watch the cat, really cute tho 🙂 I’m sure theres more to come…














To The Park…

Yes. The weather has been beautiful these past few days, and with a young baby, who wouldn’t take advantage!


We’re dressed and ready to leave… just got to put the baby in the buggy, then we can fly out of the door… water bottle… check… nappies.. check… baby wipes… check! Toys… Check…. Sun cream Check! CRASH!!! And hes up to something again… There he is… standing holding onto the foot rest of the buggy while it is led on it’s back. He’s got the biggest smile on his face with his little tongue sticking out… Tell him “don’t do that baby, you’ll get hurt” Remove him and put with toys… which by the way, babies aren’t interested in what o ever, they want everything else… to chase the broom, to eat the door frame, to climb the stair gate, to try and lift 5L of water up (which he manages) and to get everything that is not classed as a toy!



We are ready to head out the door, he has everything, right now he is kicking up a fuss and wants his hat off, the screeches he makes just make me laugh, bless him.. He soon settles once the pram is on a roll.. but instead of sitting back and relaxing, both arms are either side of the buggy, leaning himself forward to get a better look of the world. The amount of times he has fallen asleep like this is unbelievable, but try laying him back, he wakes right up and tries to see the world some more… ❤


So we get to the park, he’s asleep, ah free time 🙂


When he awakes, I’m prepared for the nice time we are going to have together.. I get him out of the pram and put him on the floor, he’s in awe… touching the grass and looking at me for reassurance. Then he’s settled and the fun begins.


He spots a dog, “bah bah bah BAHHHHHH” he goes, crawling off to try and get it, then realising its far too fast, he stops.. oooh a leaf, wonder how that tastes.. He attempts to eat it. I run to him, take it off of him and say “urgh nasty, don’t eat it” he shakes his head meaning no. he crawls some more… oooh another leaf… oooh a twig… oooh grass… ooh a leaf… all of which are making trips to his mouth, im running after him, “urgh dirty leaf” “urgh dirty twig” “urgh gross don’t eat it” He’s crawling some more…. PRAM!!!!!! He crawls over, followed by me… up he gets, trying to eat the straps. Did I mention I had already gave him two balls to play with, he’s not one bit interested in them. Next he’s trying to get up the tree.. I don’t want him there (dogs pee up them) So i pick him up, let him touch the top of the tree… he fights me, wants to get down… oooh a leaf… oooh a leaf…. ooh a twig… ooh grass… oooh mud… this goes on and on. I pick him up… back in the pram… to the swings…


I put him in the baby swing.. he’s loving it, all smiles and happy squeals. Then the little daredevil decides to let go! AH! I stop the swing, replace his hands onto the bar, he fights me, wanting to turn around and look at the rest of the swing… I try and place him back, he sits well once more. SO I start to swing him once again. Then he lets go! AH! This time he starts a tantrum. He wants to swing and look around behind him at the same time. Dangerous. I take him out, put him back in the buggy, hes kicking up a fuss. Time to try your first ice cream 🙂


We order a 99p cone, which are now 1.20?? WTF any way, I give him some, he’s enjoying it, licky licky licky… then he’s had enough, he arching his back and sreaming, flailing his arms around. Ice-cream is going every where. so I undo his straps just like normal, It usually calms him… not this time, he throws himself out of the pram, landing on his feet!! then slips to the floor. I grab him,, he kicks up again, screaming, doesn’t want to be held. Time for home for the little monkey…


He had Tuna for lunch, half a tin and os of now 4pm he is taking a nap and has been playing nicely… just the evening to go 🙂




So Neo, who is 9 months, today he put my heart in my mouth, there I am, One eye on him, one eye trying to straighten my hair so we can head out for a few hours… he’s up to his usual stuff, pulling books out of the book box, biting them, then throwing them on the floor… No amount of “No” and “don’t do that” deter him… he’s on a roll. I face the mirror… try to sort out the kink that keeps pointing out the side of my head… Dam thing… Turn around to take a glance at the boy… WAIT! What is HE DOING? I creep over to him as slow as I can, trying not to make him jump… he’s smiling and bouncing… I grab him. There he was… stood on top of the book box, leaning his body over a gap large enough for him to full in, holding onto a speaker and bouncing. Heart in mouth Situation.


He moves so fast, he managed to knock a 5l water bottle over, and used that to climb up… madness! ❤



Why I’m here

Wow… I’m actually very excited about starting this. I’m here to keep everything from daily life with a young child down on paper, well, its not really paper, but internet paper stuff :/


So, I have a young son, named Neo, he is 9 months old tomorrow and boy is he a handful…


He came into the world on the 27th October 2011 in a pretty stressful way, but was born perfect and gorgeous



This is the first ever picture taken off of him, Pure love. I did not know what I was in for though…






In the first few months this baby was a delight, he slept a lot and left us with pretty much a lot of spare time… then his routine changed, he stayed up all night, I mean all night, he would go to bed at 7am… and this is just the beginning of this mischievous little soul….



There he is at 5 months old… The face says it all… 


So this is the blog that I am going to be using to keep a track of all his little adventures, and the progress he makes, maybe it wont be fun for anyone to read, but for those who do…. Have fun 🙂